Women's Mnistry
Ministering to the needs of each woman in this church by:

Teaching and Equipping

Consistently providing a forum for women to learn the Scripture together, with an emphasis on women’s priorities, the personal applications of God’s word, and the pursuit of personal holiness.


Facilitating and encouraging excellence in service in the order of the priority given in the Scriptures: to husbands, to our families, to the church’s leadership, to the entire church body as a whole, to fellow Christians, and finally to the world.


Coming alongside women for discipleship as well as purposefully training others to disciple.


Supporting the church’s emphasis on missions by fostering individual compassion for the lost through women’s ministry activities, as well as encouraging participation in church wide and personal evangelism.


Providing venues to encourage women to build godly relationships with other women.

The Women's Ministry is led by Mildred Muñoz