SOLYD (youth)

Seed of Life's Young Disciples (SOLYD)

The youth ministry provides an avenue for students to grow in Christ-likeness through interaction in the life-changing Word of God and interaction with their peers and godly adult leaders.
Those in their high school years are met with change and challenges. Our youth ministry seeks to help keep the focus throughout these important years on Christ and His Word. In the same way, those in their junior high years have their own challenges as well.
The youth ministry serves this group by teaching them the basics of Christian belief and practice.
Believing students are given the opportunity to live out their faith through ministry within our local church, community, and around the world.
The youth ministry here at Seed of Life operates through the following venue:
Tuesday Night Bible Classes
The young people between the ages of 13-17 come together every 2nd Tuesday thru 4th Tuesday of the month. The curriculum used challenges the young people to study the Word and make application to their lives. 

SOLYD is led by Greg Guzman